Musa Chowdhury is a documentary photographer born and raised in Manchester, UK.
Its the human strength in the face of adversity that has inspired him to become a photojournalist ; documenting the lives of forgotten people of socio-political, humanitarian, military conflicts, and the aftermath of such events. Musa has spent the last few years covering major world changing events in the Balkans, Caucuses, Africa and the Middle East.

His recent work was centred around the war in Syria. Where he was documenting the lives of ordinary people who have been caught in the middle of a war and refugee exodus along the Turkish border. His latest story focuses on the chemical gas attacked in Khan Al Assal in Syria. Musa has also spent time on the front line with moderate factions, documenting their fight for freedom and a free Syria.

Musa, other work has concentrated on 'hidden societies'; visiting North Korea documenting day-to-day life of the political conditioning of its people.
He has also spent time documenting old tribal traditions in Africa, his travels have taken him to civilization across the continent that have existed for thousands of years with very little, if any changes.
Musa has also spent a great deal of time documenting religion across the world, cataloguing the daily routines which exist in many different cultures and capturing images which demonstrate a supreme passion in faith.

Nowadays, Musa collaborates with Demotix, AFP news agency, works worldwide on assignment and with different NGOs and Charity organisation.

His work has been published CNN, Nikon Pro Magazine among others.
Musa also delivers talks on those that are rendered powerless across the world, whose stories are marred with unbiased information.